Top 5 AI Cloud Technologies – Know How It Will Be Advantageous For You

Today, a significant buzz around AI (Artificial Intelligence) is that the businessmen believe that this technology is a bit too advanced and technical to use it for their business purposes. Though, that is not true.

Various ways AI is used today

AI tools assist you to make decisions based on the collected data. These tools have a really good user-friendly interface which lets the non-technical people use the AI for real projects and returns meaningful results.


Following are the tasks that are performed by the AI tools. These tools all have some common features. While they have the ability to assist you to work with the irregular data, AI is also used for many purposes. Some of them are mentioned below.

  • Speech to text. Text to speech.
  • Enhancing and filtering of a photo.
  • Recommendation search engine.
  • Natural classification and processing of language.
  • Visual recognization. Such as face recognition and video indexing.
  • Moderating subjective content.
  • Automatic flow of work.
  • Finding & matching pattern.
  • Translation of language.

The above-mentioned tasks can be utilized in a range of business problems and the processes. Here are the top 5 AI Cloud which you can start using right away.


Google AI cloud contains some of the most refined AI tools. Google’s intellectual team is responsible for organizing the internet. The secondary team is behind the creation of the programs like AlphaGo, AlphaGo Zero, and AlphaZero.

We are all aware of Google Translate and how helpful it is for our day to day work activities. However, it is not just limited to translating. Google translate provides excellent and real-time translation experience. Here it basically converts the words on your smartphone or PC screen from another language which you do not understand or speak to the one you read.

google AI

Therefore, it comes as no surprise that there is a huge series of pre-trained models available to be generated at your own customized models.

2. Amazon Machine Learning on AWS

Without a doubt, Amazon Machine Learning on AWS is one of the most famous series of cloud-based AI tools. As confirmed by its own use of this technology, Amazon Machine Learning is the front-runner in many different areas of the industry that include AI cloud.

The Amazon Machine Learning tools help in many works, such as:

  • Increase the productivity of achievement centers.
  • Improvising the recommendation engine.
  • Enables the Alexa Voice Service.
  • Flying drones.


Watson is a question-answering machine which provides answers to the questions which asked in the natural languages. In other words, it is an IBM supercomputer that brings together the AI and Sophisticated Analysis software for an excellent performance as a question-answer machine.

Additionally, Watson IBM now offers the full collection to the intellectual computing tools and relishes the prosperous developer community.

4. MonkeyLearn

With the help of MonkeyLearn, the work of text analysis has become easier. MonkeyLearn provides the feature of easy-to-use analysis with the machine learning.

MonkeyLearn is applied to all the different kinds of projects such as searching for a common thread among the millions of messages in the emails.

The company provides a toolset in order to help implement the natural language processing features.

5. Microsoft Azure Cognito

Microsoft Azure Cognito has a bundle of exciting AI tools. They are available to use for free. Moreover, it offers natural language tools comprehensive knowledge processing models for the searching process.

Furthermore, it comes with some excellent tools with wonderful features like vision recognition, a full collection of natural language and speech tools. Spell check, text analysis, content moderation and language translation are some of the other models that Microsoft Azure Cognito Services come up with.

Overall, these tools are impressive and can be used for several purposes. The tools are easy to use and are time-saving as the performance of work takes little time.

Microsoft Azure

Life Is Simpler With Artificial Intelligence

Certainly, the AI strengthens the power of a human brain. According to the experts, the growth in the number of the productivity results in the equalling of exceeding the muscle engine. This, without a doubt, intensifies the working of the muscles and thus with the result of that, it has enabled the construction of the world where we live today.

If Artificial Intelligence achieves even a tiny percentage of what it has promised, then we are in point of a mammoth digital change taking place.

At last, with the use of the AI cloud tools, it increases the productivity. And hence, building on to the success and the experience you gain is going to help in innovating new ideas. These ideas will lastly assist you to invent the new idea that you would have never imagined of.

Blockchain Technology and AI Disrupting Electrical Industry – Know How

We can easily transform the centralized industry into a decentralized one by using blockchain technology and artificial intelligence. Some providers including independent and big firms are trying to locate on the centralized platform.

Electrify has the major role in simplifying the process of purchasing and selling electricity. We can easily complete all contractual agreements and can also write them on the blockchain through several smart contracts. This type of contract system can save huge transaction costs.

Electricity Retail Business

Electricity retail business is really a big opportunity in some Asian countries. The main aim of the electricity retail business is to help people so that they can easily select their preferred energy source. There are different renewable options which can be included in energy sources.

People can easily match with the right plans based on their budget and energy usage capacity as artificial intelligence techniques are developing day-by-day. The blockchain-based company is mainly available for the business purpose.

Electricity marketplaces are rising

Electrify is very popular among the investors and consumers and there is an increasing trend in the peer-to-peer electricity marketplaces. One of the greatest examples of peer-to-peer electricity marketplace is Brooklyn and the name of the company is LO3 energy.

Brooklyn Microgrid is using a separate blockchain technology and allowing customers to purchase and sell excess energy. Through blockchain technology, they can easily sell energy to their relatives or neighbors.

Purchasing electricity from the central grid is more expensive than the peer-to-peer energy sales. Consumers have different questions related to the electricity industry like where the energy is coming and from where they can allow them to choose renewable energy.

Blockchain technology, artificial intelligence algorithms can now work together for getting some exciting results. Many companies are exploring some possible ways so that they can disrupt this industry without giving so much effort.

There are different providers available in the industry and consumers are now allowed to switch between different providers.  Providers are able to improve flexibility in the industry by applying blockchain and artificial intelligence techniques.

Blockchain Technology and AI disrupting electrical Industry

Is blockchain disrupting the electricity sector?

Blockchain technology is playing an important role in issuing more cryptocurrency. Now the electricity industry is making strong connections with the theories of the blockchain. This new technology has the tendency to disrupt the whole power trading sector because individual households are now allowed to exchange megawatts with each other.

The European electricity transmission system has a different view on the blockchain technology and blockchain will be a part of the new digitized energy platform very soon.

  • Powerpeers

We all know that presently, many people are taking advantages of government subsidies for installing their solar panels in different places. This is the main driver behind the launch of Powerpeers. Customers are now able to buy electricity from individual producers.

Most of the Dutch households are in a different position because now they have the ability to install their own solar panels. Some customers are now buying green electricity but it is sometimes difficult to invest a huge amount in green electricity.

  • Microgrid

The microgrid is another important project that is aiming to create a localized system. It is using a different kind of technology and allows the local community for the peer-to-peer trading of electricity.

By using this technology people can easily search for some more interesting way outs to solve different fundamental problems related to the internet based currency. One of the most important problems is how do we prevent cheats from some duplicating coins. We can easily solve this problem by creating a distributed ledger of transactions.

Now we can easily verify all new transactions by using this new technology. This technology has an added advantage so that some people can produce the solar power and some others can easily consume electricity. They don’t need to ask anyone during the transaction process.

Now Artificial Intelligence can Transform the Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is a fast-growing market today. Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are the changing forces of the digital market. Until now, these two aspects did not have much of a relevance. But in recent days we are hearing a lot of buzz regarding these two platforms. The blockchain technology is a list of records called block cryptocurrencies utilize to link with other systems. This can cause an underlying damage to the entire industry with a set of trust among the systems, linkage of the web with a good amount of information.

Artificial Intelligence is a machine encrypted intelligence which is different than what the humans do. It is basically a set of smart agents which work accordingly by detecting the surrounding for better results. Imitating the cognitive functions like problem-solving, learning new things etc, just like the human mind.

Dynamics of Blockchain

To understand what Blockchain is and why it is the next big thing, let us take a look at the utility of this technology.

  • Basically, it is a see-through database which helps to keep a record of information and data that no one can access or change. Be it an organization or an individual.
  • Brand safety is something every e-commerce website is very careful about. Here, the trust issue comes into action. The company’s advertising costs a lot of money. To build the trust also takes time. Hence, an effort to maintain the data on the web is a necessary pre-condition.
  • There are systems like Ad-chain and Meta X designed to get through the brand safety issues. These are systems which help to bring back the trust to secure them from entering into the set of disputed content. Also, assured publishers offer the backup.
  • Google is not lagging behind, it is also developing a whitelist ad filter to ensure security. But, there is a glitch here.  Google is a central or mean base, can pose threat to the advertisers. In what way? Companies have to abide by Google’s policies and understanding.
  • Blockchain solutions open ways for unblocked sharing.
  • Another important place where consumers are losing on trust is the monetary sector online. The increasing rate of fraudulent activities has reached its peak. Checking on security is a booming concern for the industry now. The lapse on the accountability factor by the ad-companies is frustrating the customers now.

Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence

The blockchain is the conclusive system to solve the frustration by amending the security services, satisfying customer by properly attending their roles for the website and finally, respecting their private data.

Replacing Human Minds – Artificial Intelligence (AI)

  • Coming to Artificial Intelligence (AI),  firstly, we can see the huge impression it creates on digital marketing. To begin with, the kind of help it is giving to the humans is tremendous. Earlier, to program an advertising it took a lot of time for automating, now AI does it in seconds.
  • Secondly, it has taken the place of human minds as it is responsible for even deciding the effective mode of advertising. For example- choosing the right customer or consumer for the sales of the product, determining the kind of contents required, continuous check on the kind of audience with respect to actual web search outcome.
  • Thirdly, AI is increasingly marching ahead with intensive advertising campaigns and making. Certain campaigns cannot be handled by humans, hence AI comes to the rescue in today’s date.
  • Fourth, a huge requirement for campaigns come up and hence we all know what to do now.

Automatic services are good to go but only to some extent. Otherwise, a time will come human minds will stop working and will no more be creative.

The Role of Artificial Intelligence For Smart Homes

Artificial Intelligence is making its mark everywhere. Every large company is using artificial intelligence to ease their work. Now, even homes will use AI. Parisian startup company Snips is making way to the personal platform.

Since 2013, Snips is trying to bring in Artificial Assistance to the doorstep. It is a startup company currently located in Paris and New York. The active team of people work day and night to improve the feature of voice technology. This company will conduct an ICO in the months to come. Currently, they are working on improving the Snips Voice Assistance.

The question that arises in most people’s mind is that how far it is better than already popular Alexa or Cortana? Well, the makers of Snips promise better performance and higher protection rates as compared to the known names Siri and Google Assistant. Snips is expected to release in 2019.

Need for Artificial Intelligence for Smart Homes?

With the advancement of technology, smart homes with more benefits are a reality. People in Japan are already living in Smart homes. Intelligent homes are equipped with all the requirements, and you can access it through remote or touch of the phone. On that note, smart speakers are necessary.

But there are problems as well. Privacy and security are the primary concerns for the people. Google Home Mini was in question when it was making recordings even when Google Assistant was not summoned.

Artificial Intelligence

In addition to that, smart speakers need internet for their working. Constant use of internet means phishing activity can take place. Alexa or Cortana can access passwords and scan through confidential information., This is more helpful since it is a threat to privacy.

Advanced Voice Assistance by Snips

Snips AIR will have decentralized machinery. It will primarily focus on privacy in the voice platform. It will process data on device barring the use of data storage in the cloud. This step will ensure safety to personal documents in smart homes. The company is already challenging power tools Amazon Echo and Google home services. They feel Snips can address more issue than Google can.

Snips want to address these fallout. It will utilize the AIR Network blockchain and edge technology. This will create decentralization in which users can control their data. The technology will allow data processing locally. Hence, no data will be sent to the cloud. Rand Hindi, CEO, and co-founder at Snips states that the features of Snips will offer a better alternative to the privacy of families.

Upcoming Advanced Features of Artificial Intelligence

Since the voice assistant will run locally, dependence on Cloud network will reduce. Furthermore, any gadget manufacturer will be able to process AIRnet protocol. AIR protocol will use a standard open source to communicate with other protocols. This will form a network base consisting of ontology and network abstraction.

Snips Artificial Intelligence will become a multi-functioning unit in coming few years. It will have inbuilt apps like calendars, weather, date and time functioning. It will work keeping home automation in mind. Developers will get access to Snips Skill Store where they can create new applications. Snips Skill Store will be a decentralized platform where startups can publish their apps, and it will run on a specific blockchain.

Artificial Intelligence For Smart Homes

The token related marketplace can use tokens to ensure safe and decentralized transactions between the consumers and developers. This will be an anonymous transaction. It will protect the interests of the users’  more.

Besides that, the AIR platform of Snips is working on other machine concepts namely  AIR Base and AIR Satellite. AIR Satellite, on the other hand, will be a portable microphone with intelligent detection which will reduce the cost of faulty wires.

You Can Look Forward to…

Voice Assistant services are making way in people’s homes with their pocket-friendly, portable devices. All you need is a strong connectivity and you are good to go. You might find some issues in the beginning but overall it is accessible. The technical biggies are improving the services to bring the world closer to the users. What needs our attention is the changing way of interaction. Now voice assistants are replacing the human touch.

Role of Blockchain, AI and Machine Learning on Trusted Data

Data is an important asset for any enterprises. So it is of utmost importance to collect data from a verifiable and trusted source. One of the main objectives of this article is to develop a system. The system will enhance the process and quality of data sharing. That system will even track each and every change made to the data.

Tom Dunlap, the managing director of Goldman Sachs works for seventeen years on data normalization, trust, and standardization. And has loads of experience.

Dunlap notices a comprehensive progress in the financial service industry in recent times. And he develops some perspectives on data reliability and data trust. According to Dunlap, the financial services firms are considering data as a corporate asset. Financial firms are using data to enhance the client experience. They are using data to conduct other commercial activities.

Role of Legal Entity Identifier on Trusted Data

Dunlap also provides an example where financial firms are adopting Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) to manage all the systematic risks. Those financial firms take an approach to track data from the initial step of production to consumption. Thus they will get to know every minute of the data lifecycle. Thus Dunlap states that data can now be verified from the source.

From now onwards the financial firms adopting the latest system will face lesser data quality problems. All the financial firms gain noteworthy benefits due to the advent of the system. A new system will certainly boost their business up. It will enhance customer satisfaction as well.

Role of Blockchain

Roleplay Machine Learning and AI Delivers

The quantity of data is increasing every day. Now you can find a wide range of data in the form of texts, pictures, free-form images, etc.  All these data are known as ‘unstructured’ data sources. However, with the aid of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and advanced machine learning techniques, those unstructured data can be managed. Dunlap provides an example of unstructured data where data vary from one financial institution to other.

AI and machine learning come with certain capabilities to detect all the key elements like the economic terms and the legal entity names. Financial firms are using all these data to carry out language translations, to search for data points, etc.

Both the machine learning and AI are expected to come with some attractive features in the mere future. Hope they will be smart enough to know the key attributes what the firms are looking for.  Data capture and the machine process take an entire day to complete. Hope all these processes will be completed within a couple of minutes.

Blockchain and Its Significance on Trusted Data

Blockchain comes with an alternative. With the help of blockchain, you can be able to access data and imbue trust in data quality. David Shrier, one of the lecturers of MIT Media Lab make a mark already in establishing trusted data. According to him, blockchain is a different sort of database that offers transparency for multi-stakeholders environments and greater cyber-resilience.

It offers hackers with fewer chances to hack the system and the database. Thus blockchain offers safety and security.

According to Shrier, there are a lot of things to explore. The blockchain is a pioneer of reforming society. Blockchain gives rise to a new model of funding. Countries like Europe can be largely benefitted as there 70% of the funding relies on banks.

Blockchain offers several benefits. Blockchain offers customers a better digital identity. Customers can even lower the cost of the financial services. With the aid of blockchain, customers can now have better control over their assets as well.

That is pretty much about AI, Machine Learning and Blockchain and their roleplay on trusted data. In case you require any services, feel free to connect with our support team for help.

Can Blockchain Check Artificial Intelligence Growth Rate?

Artificial Intelligence is already making headlines with its modern features and art of the age excellence. It is gaining popularity and companies big or small are opting for it. Artificial intelligence survives on data. The dependence on data is so much that a pure program running needs recurring decision nodes. Just imagine, the number of data points each technique requires. For that, Blockchain is definitely needed.

Data accumulation is a prerequisite. The big companies can move out of the list if there are fewer data. On that regard, small companies or startups stand no chance. The tech giants Google and Facebook are advancing in the Artificial Intelligence every passing minute. This change in the global market is taking place because it involves a lot of costs. In addition to that, social and e-commerce platforms should collect data from users. Till date, only Google and Facebook could gain access to data from the users.

Tech Magnets Whispers

The current debate that is shaking the tech industry is the question of quality or quantity? It is true a lot of data is needed for improving A.I, but the quality of information is also important. Degrading data will cost a lot, and recently Google made headlines when it tagged Black people as gorillas.

In the present time, data management is going a sea change. It is teaching the programs the habit of recognizing voice texts, tweets, and pictures. Now, most of the people do not use excel sheet. The prime aim of the machine is to be flawless. Technicians want to make a device which will understand any command in one go, let that be a picture or an audio file.

Blockchain growth rate

However, a lot of improvement is necessary on the part of the machines. They are still in the nascent phase. In other words, choosing the better option is difficult. Another issue is that of trust. The users give away all their personal information to these machines. A slight error can make them vulnerable. We cannot take a risk with wealth, health and homes. We need useful data.

What does Data Artificial Intelligence Need?

It is true, excellent data will create better A.I. However, missing out on small details will occur a loss. The cost scale will go up. The experts handling A.I are aware of another problem. It is the ‘black box’. In simple words, when Artificial Intelligence finds an issue, it tries to fix the threat from the base. Hence, we need the blockchain.

The Importance of Blockchain

Keeping the issues of A.I in mind, we need Blockchain. It is a better option because it is transparent. The world can understand what data is being processed and how. It is decentralized. Hence, there will be zero chances of manipulation.

First world countries are improving  Blockchain. Engineers are discovering new uses of this ledger. The US is making efforts to learn about Blockchain security insurance. Likewise, the Republic of Georgia is syncing blockchain to transfer of property ownership.

The End Note on A.I

The Industry leaders and respective companies are progressing towards making a compatible and comprehensive Machine with Artificial Intelligence, and we are sure a change will come. However, the threats need to be removed from the core. In the nearing future, the work of drones and gadgets will increase. They will become the primary decision makers.

The factors behind the scene need to be addressed. Prescribing wrong medicine, showing the wrong location to air traffic, not recognizing people can come from wrong data or faulty data.

Stay Updated on The New Apple AI iPhone. Know All About Siri AI Technology

While one may have thought that the Apple’s WWDC 2018 event would be all boring and the same event full of updates regarding software, Apple just proved you wrong. It turned out to be one of the major events from the tech giant talking about its most awaited and significant iOS 12.

After iOS 12, Siri is going to be just totally different. Yes, you heard it right. Siri might just ask for your private data for an advanced AI iPhone. In your iPhone search screen where you see Siri suggesting you apps that you may like or want to use, you can see other things too like


  • Turn my phone to silent while I am at the movies.
  • Tell my father I  have reached the office before time via text
  • Wish my friend happy birthday via WhatsApp, etc.


Siri will also suggest you things that you normally do on your lock screen. For example ordering a sandwich for your breakfast, opening the music player when you are working out, etc.

iOS 12

Siri Shortcut

While it may seem like the hyping up of Siri in AI iPhone will make thing smoother for you but there are also a lot of other things that you might be thinking about.


The level of intrusion from an AI is said to be creepy by many iPhone users. Siri is known to ask for personal details to, of course, make your life smoother and to give an on-point response to your inquiries. But how much is too much? We don’t know that yet.


Again, are you okay if Siri reminds you the birthdays of each and every person who you know or are in your contact list? Many users may find this much dependency on an AI to be a breach of their privacy.


Again there are added benefits, as always. We are talking about Apple here. Its announcement of the iOS 12 was a momentous event. Apple has worked a hard way to include tons of good changes behind this “pushy” Siri.

ai iphone

Let’s say you tell your Siri that you are on the way to your college. Siri will automatically set the map for the route of your college. Siri is particularly helpful just when you are looking for an easy way of doing things that form a part of your daily routine. This definitely makes it a lot easier for many things but then again you may not like being totally dependent or asking Siri to do even the most basic things for you (I bet you know the way to your college, for example). Then again if you want to ask Siri which route you must choose, Siri will be of definite help there.


But what do you think about the AI Siri and the changes in Apple’s AI iPhone? Would you choose this AI iPhone over other Phones? Let us know your thoughts what you think Apple trying to head towards in the coming years. Because one thing we are sure about- It is not just going to be about the size of iPhones anymore.

Translation Apps On The Go: A Step By Microsoft

The game changers of the technological field are already pacing to make Artificial Intelligence our way of life. It is improving the system to such an extent that in near future robots, drones, amazon echo, or even phone apps will determine our wellbeing. In this respect, the big companies such as Microsoft and Apple are making uniques ways to modify AI driven machinery. Many of us travel to foreign countries either for work or for holidays. And in most cases, we depend on translators. Gone are those days when we waited for the interpreter to tag along with us. these days we assistance from Google translator or any other translator. But for that connection to happen, we need strong connectivity.  There are some feasible apps which translate even when there is no connectivity but those are borderline. Keeping the function of apps in mind, tech biggie Microsoft Translator is bringing a sea change in the world of apps.

What’s new in Microsoft Translator?

Microsoft Translator has decided to use the app on a virtual platform. Any modern phone will be able to do the work and there will be no need for an AI chip in them. Till now, Amazon Fire, Android, iOs systems were having issues with machine learning supported by the cloud. Often, Artificial Intelligence does not cooperate with the users’ command. But now things are looking up for Microsoft. They are aiming to neutralize the issues.

However, iOS users will have to wait until Apple approves the step. Microsoft’s research manager Arul Menezes believes that translation apps are changing the lives of people in a big way. They are following a human approach rather than a machine approach. Since many people travel a lot, the language barrier is long gone. Any user can seek assistance for major languages like French, Russian, Spanish, Japanese, Korean among others.

Microsoft Translator App: The Skill Manager


The engineering team is improving the offline base of the app to a great deal. Each company is trying to modify the voice commands so that the apps can quickly identify the word typed or has spoken. To provide with advanced qualities, a war is raging between  Microsoft and Google. The ultimate goal is to minimize the difference in the quality of words both online and offline.

Translators are the skill managers travellers are waiting for. And with the improvements taking place, Android phone users can sync offline methods to their own apps. Third-party apps are taking advantage of local lines.

The Ending Note

Are you thinking of a solo trip on a different land? But you cannot learn the language? Then the translator app can be your friend in the foreign country. Be it anywhere, they come handy to save us from nasty encounters. The tech magnets are trying to improve their quality of understanding the language to a great deal. Since it is solely based on machine learning, app developers are trying to bring in human touch to the process. The future of the apps is looking good. And with the war between Google and Microsoft users are waiting for better voice commands and easy to learn translations.

Fb Using Image Recognition AI On Instagram Profile Photos – Find Out The Why’s and Hows

What if I told you someone is taking a look at your photos to train their AI? Who? The old facebook.

FB has been training its AI by taking a look at your very own Instagram. While it may raise some brows regarding privacy issues, let’s take a further look at what it is all about.

Since the world is now progressing towards AI, new things are coming along the way so that business needs and customer requirements can be resolved.

FB is Looking at your Instagram pictures to train its image recognition AI regarding your activity and the trends of your preferences.

But again, these training will definitely bring about a situation that will require FB to clarify or improve their privacy policies. It is necessary to know about the choices and preferences of your customers for future sales, but taking a look at your photographs that are displaying your personal life so openly, to sell your data to the future advertisers definitely calls for a code of ethics.

Instagram Profile


How Does It Work?

FB has its “pre-training” that is mainly something like a research that is looking for relevant and synonymous hashtags. This is what they ended up terming as “ large-scaling hashtag traditional model”

Though it’s worth mentioning that FB is taking a look at only those accounts that are public on Instagram and not those that are ‘private’. But when a user posts a picture on Instagram are they aware that their data can be ever used up by an image recognition AI of a giant corporation for research purpose.

The Results

Well, we do not know what was FB’s intention behind searching on the hashtags, but we could understand that these researches are good only for FB in its sale through the future advertisers. The kind of results that were generated out of these researches was more objective than on a larger scale. Facebook cannot most definitely use the data generated out of these hashtags to get what you think about #tgif or #ogim. It can, however, take a look at the trends of your posts. For example, you could be a traveler or a makeup lover or someone who follows and reposts some authors. Your tastes and preference can definitely be seen through the relevant hashtags that you have been using or the similar hashtags that you are following.

Fb Using Image Recognition AI On Instagram Profile

The farthest that these researches went to somewhere around 3.5 billion images on Insta and that gathered up top about 17000 hashtags. Facebook exactly knew how to filter out those hashtags or the data that they could use for the research that was going to help them. Because looking at that figure, we don’t think any Megatech corp has that much of resource to study those staggering amount of data.

But what are your opinions about FB and its recent researches to train its image recognition AI? Do you see a rise in the need for a code of conduct? Let us know.

Stunning AI-Based Cryptocurrency Projects In 2018

Artificial Intelligence(AI) is basically a technical concept that can help us to integrate our knowledge into machines. With the upgradation of technology, our use of currency will also become digital. This article focuses mainly on the best-digitized currency projects in 2018.



Welcome to the world of digital. Cryptocurrency is one the largest project that is introduced to the world.  It can be defined as token money or virtual currency. We can use those currencies for transaction purposes in the digital platform. These currencies are playing a major role in circulation and it is also helping for creating a free economy. This new technology has some positive aspects and it is becoming necessary in today’s digitalized world.

Check out the top 10 AI-Based cryptocurrency projects in 2018:

1. Bitcoin (BTC)

Launched in the year 2009, and soon it became the largest and most popular digital currency.  The market value of bitcoin is $163billion. It is well known now and many countries like the United States, Australia, Canada, European countries accepted the bitcoin project. But there are many countries which say no to the digital currency like Vietnam, Iceland etc.

2. Crypto index

Crypto index is a very interesting AI- based platform. Here each coin can be revalued constantly by using a crypto index and it can easily remove human bias and emotion from the equation. AI-based investment opportunities will be increased if we can do a project on a crypto index.

3. Ethereum

The Ethereum was launched in 2015 with worth market value is $70 Billion. It consists of a built-in programming language which allows the users to write computer programs known as Smart Contracts with the help of Blockchain method. Most of the countries have relied on this concept of smart contracts.

4. Litecoin

Litecoin is technically an alternative for bitcoin. It was launched last year, 2017 with a market value of $10Billion. It helps to transact money faster than any software.

5. Peculium

Peculium is an automated machine learning, artificial intelligence, big data analytics. We can easily combine the traditional savings economy with the cryptocurrency market by using peculium technology.

Peculium technology can effectively build a bridge between traditional economies and the crypto-economy. This technology can break down some barriers by promoting stability, increasing confidence and creating a new endeavor so that both sides can get some benefit from it.

6. NEO

Neo is china’s cryptocurrency, with a gross market value of $ 5.8Billion. It serves one of the fastest transaction ie 10k transaction per second. It is highly centralized and thus not only Chinese, more people around the world will use it in the coming years.

7.  Autonio

This is the first decentralized artificial intelligence based robot. This robot is basically utilizing knowledge from some automated high-frequency trading industry. Autonio can easily generate buy and sell signals from some sophisticated analysis of recent cryptocurrency trends.

This project can use some trading bots and algorithmic trading. It is mainly applying the techniques of pre-programmed software which can be able to analyze different market actions.

8. AdHive

AdHive is very easily scalable and looking towards the future of advertising. It is the first artificial intelligence platform which can influence the marketing world.

This type of project can apply AI techniques for recognizing something which can help us to perform different tasks related to advertising. By using the business model, AdHive can successfully set a new standard for advertising and at the same time, it can check very fast scalability across different markets.

9. DateCoin

DateCoin is mainly trying to make some changes in different game applications. It is providing a new international dating service with some growth mechanics.

DateCoin is also using some blockchain technology and AI-based platform which can help us to solve some problems related to the online dating industry.

10.  Eos

Developed in the year 2017 with a global market value of $4.3 Billion. Unlike Ethereum, Eos is also going to launch the smart contract.  It makes transaction faster and thus likely to be used worldwide.

Hope you find this article productive and useful!